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Bursting Shades of Blue in Chefchaoen, Morocco

Chefchaoen - the grand taxi ride up the Rif moutains to this enchanting northwest city was stunning!

A lovely surprise, the buildings were all painted different shades of blue.


I asked a local shop owner where I could get a henna tatoo and a little boy led me up to his mom's house. Beautiful children and amazing view!


These pictures were taken in 2008. I hope to get back to this charming town in a future trip to Morocco!

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Love, Moroccan Style in Tangier

How I met and married a man from Morocco! Who could have predicted that?

"I want you to go out into the world and enjoy yourself sweetheart."

That's what my mom Merrily told me a few weeks before she went to the spirit world. When everything calmed down, I remembered her giving me a blessing to take a trip. "Where in the world should I go" I thought as I walked on the beach in Santa Monica. A few days later, my answer came. My friend Vanessa, who was on a Fulbright fellowship in Tangier, Morocco, invited me to visit her for two weeks in January 2008. A couple weeks later, my plane touched down in Tangier just inland of the Strait of Gibraltar. My first images of Morocco were enthralling and I loved exploring the city of Tangier.


A few days into my trip, my friend brought me to the beautiful El Minzah Hotel where we sipped mint tea and ate a delicious lunch by the pool. It was pure bliss as we sat under the palm trees, overlooking the ocean. It was here that I met my future husband Zouhir, a manager at the hotel. We spoke for a while and then he invited me to coffee later that afternoon. He seemed very polite and lovely so I agreed to meet him. Well, that coffee led to many breakfasts, lunches, dinners and finally a day trip along the northern coast of Morocco. Zouhir took me to Tetuoan, a beautiful white hillside city one hour from Tangier and then on to many seaside towns ending in Marina Smir. It was a whole new Morocco when I was with him. It was his country and his language, which made all the difference in the world. As my two week trip came to an end, Zouhir and I decided we would talk on Skype when I got home to California.


Our 2 hour daily conversations led to 5 more trips to Morocco in the next year and a half.

We traveled all over Morocco exploring the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Tetuoan, Chefchaouen, Ifrane, Fez, Marrakech, Ourika Valley, El Jadida, Agadir, Taghazout and many small towns in between. Long story short - we were married in July 2009 overlooking the ocean in California. I believe that my mom led me to meet my husband. I had never thought of going to Morocco before. It was because she gave me that blessing, that I decided to go on that first trip.


Zouhir and I are now enjoying life together in Santa Monica. When we decided to visit his family and friends this September, I thought it would be wonderful to bring a group of Americans to Morocco, where I would lead an Infuse Your Spirit Retreat. It's been such fun to plan our 8 day adventure! In the next post, I'll share what we'll be doing on the retreat and why we chose Marrakech as our home base.

Sending positive energy your way,

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Welcome to Jayme Barrett's "Infuse Your Spirit" Retreat Blog

Leading life enhancement trips worldwide!

Welcome new friends!

This is exciting as it's my first foray into writing a blog. I'm passionate about global travel as well as helping people to live healthier, more inspired lives. Here is where I'll share about both of my passions!

I remember my first European adventure after I graduated college where I hit seven countries and fifteen cities in 5 weeks time. My parents called it my Lewis and Clark expedition. I was so enthralled with each country and loved diving into the diverse cultures, lifestyle, language, music, dance, food and architecture. My spirit is ignited each time my plane touches down in a new city!

In Essaouira Shopping in the Souk

In Essaouira Shopping in the Souk

This blog will share my adventures leading Infuse Your Spirit Retreats worldwide.

I'm starting in Morocco since I've been there six times in the last three years! My Magical Marrakech Retreat begins on September 16th so I'll write some posts about Morocco in the next couple weeks. I'm leaving in early September with my husband, who is Moroccan, to visit his family and see friends. We are so excited and I'm looking forward to sharing pictures, stories and videos (just bought a flipcam) of our trip as well as snippets from our retreat. We have a wonderful group of participants coming from all over the United States!


Feel free to peruse my other forays into writing with tips on how to create positive energy into your spaces and lives:


I'm looking forward to Infusing Our Spirits as we connect to a deeper part of ourselves and to the people, places, food, design and culture in countries around the world. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for coming along for our magic carpet ride to Marrakech!

My next post will share how I met my husband in Tangier. Sending tons of positive energy your way!

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